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Hello again!

2012-12-14 19:27:59 by Porkbeef

Hey NG. I've uploaded a few of my tracks and realized that not many of them get that much attention, which I'm perfectly cool with. It just gives me more inspiration to work harder on my songs that I make.

I am also taking suggestions to remixes and completely cool with critiques and such. If you enjoy my content and feel like others would as well, feel free to share my stuff. I enjoy listening to others' tracks and rating them what I think and what they could work on, and I feel like people should do the same with me. So if you listen to any of my songs, please, PLEASE tell me what needs work and how you feel about it.

Thanks for reading this post!

Hello Newgrounds.

2012-11-28 21:18:35 by Porkbeef

I will mostly be in the Audio Portal section of this website. I will be submitting my own music and stuff. Feel free to make requests on what kind of music you want to hear.

A little about me
*I love EDM and hate when people get Techno confused with Trance.
*My favorite soft drink would either have to be Dr. Pepper or Miscellaneous Beverage, made by Unsponsored Company!
*I produce EDM at an intermediate standard using Ableton Live or Fruity Loops.
*I absolutely hate when I hear stock sounds used in music. It absolutely brings my blood to a boil.
*I don't like Reddit.
*I suck ass at drawing, but continue to draw anyway since it helps me from becoming totally insane.
*I have no mental illness, condition, or health hazards. However I am angry, unfocused, and either really funny, or am just surrounded by people with no sense of humor.
*Contradictions and irony piss me off, because I never get pissed off.
* I love knives and weapons and try to collect them
*Broke as hell
*I am Russian and didn't learn how to speak properly until I was ~5 years old. I have no Russian accent, and am no longer fluent at the language.
*I love TF2 and hate MLP.

I hope I'll get more into Newgrounds and believe that I have a decent taste in music.

If I ever become big (never). The fans will be reffered to as 'The Beef'.

Thanks and have a day~~.

Hello Newgrounds.