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Hello Newgrounds.

2012-11-28 21:18:35 by Porkbeef

I will mostly be in the Audio Portal section of this website. I will be submitting my own music and stuff. Feel free to make requests on what kind of music you want to hear.

A little about me
*I love EDM and hate when people get Techno confused with Trance.
*My favorite soft drink would either have to be Dr. Pepper or Miscellaneous Beverage, made by Unsponsored Company!
*I produce EDM at an intermediate standard using Ableton Live or Fruity Loops.
*I absolutely hate when I hear stock sounds used in music. It absolutely brings my blood to a boil.
*I don't like Reddit.
*I suck ass at drawing, but continue to draw anyway since it helps me from becoming totally insane.
*I have no mental illness, condition, or health hazards. However I am angry, unfocused, and either really funny, or am just surrounded by people with no sense of humor.
*Contradictions and irony piss me off, because I never get pissed off.
* I love knives and weapons and try to collect them
*Broke as hell
*I am Russian and didn't learn how to speak properly until I was ~5 years old. I have no Russian accent, and am no longer fluent at the language.
*I love TF2 and hate MLP.

I hope I'll get more into Newgrounds and believe that I have a decent taste in music.

If I ever become big (never). The fans will be reffered to as 'The Beef'.

Thanks and have a day~~.

Hello Newgrounds.


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